Personal: Living My Best Life Now

By: Allyson B Campbell

Dec 28 2010

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“A time and season for everything….” They always say and I’m living my best time and season now.

As the year comes to an end, I have realized the revelation that I was trying to understand years before.  I kept kicking myself for not starting portrait photography sooner, but I realized now was the best time to do it.  God planned it this way.

Surprised to move to Germany, when I thought it was a dream to ever think of living in Europe, I was suppose to be here and use this time to take in a new skill and perfect it.  I was suppose to use this time to realize that I did have talents and some were way better than others, but yet they were all supposed to join as one.
For years I’ve searched for the reason of me being here and for years I’ve asked God to show me what work I was supposed to be doing.  Prayed on it.  Wrote poems about it.

Now, I have developed a faith that no one can tell me different because I have lived and learned from my past. I have grown as an individual who knew that I needed to turn to God for the answers I wanted to questions that haunted me every day of my life.  I stepped out on faith and did many things to make money, knowing that I wanted to become an entrepreneur.  My plans are big for my return to America.   I pray that God will make Augusta our new home and if He doesn’t, wherever my husband and I are supposed to be, I would understand God’s reasons.  That’s the most important thing to me right now.  That when things are bad for me, I can still trust that God has a hand in everything.  It will be a test of my truest faith, I believe.  And I hope when I go through this test, I will remember the Footprints Prayer.  I look at my future and it is bright. I have prayed to God for understanding and He talks to me in dreams.  I am ever so thankful to know that He is not carrying me at moment; but walking with me.

I asked God to put me through something that I would come out shouting and praising His name. Those were my exact words and I am here to tell you today, “Thank You God for bringing me out from the darkness.  Thank You for trusting that the load You were putting on me was something I can handle. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.”

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday, but if I were to die today I would be happy to know that I’ve made my parents and husband proud.  I would be happy to know that I’ve lived my life to the fullest because God intended it that way.  I stand here knowing that God has my life already laid out and I shouldn’t worry and live it.  Through revelations that I hope you read and understand that what ever you are going through now, you just have to stand firm and know, not believe, know that God had your back!!!

Once you have found your best life, hold on to the ride and enjoy it for that season!


2 comments on “Personal: Living My Best Life Now”

  1. I really enjoyed this. It hit close to home on a lot of points. I pray daily that I continue to grow in my faith and boldly be able to step into what God has in store for me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks a lot. I was laying in bed just thinking how things have happened in my life and wanted to share it. I hope people just get it because it’s amazing to feel this way. You know when people say when God is in your life, you can feel, tell it? For years I’ve questioned His existence and it feels so good knowing that He is near me – so much I could feel it. I had to speak on it.
      Thanks a lot for reading, understanding and commenting.

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